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Napalm Death / Coded Smears & More Uncommon Slurs



Dope Buyhard

Century Media Germany

Grind Core

Double CDs (2xCD)




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익스트림 사운드의 원조 NAPALM DEATH 레어 트랙 모음집. 커버곡 및 희귀 트랙을 2CD로 모은 작품

디스크 : 1
1. Standardization
2. Oh So Pseudo
3. It Failed To Explode
4. Losers
5. Call That An Option?
6. Caste As Waste
7. We Hunt In Packs
8. Oxygen Of Duplicity
9. Paracide
10. Critical Gluttonous Mass
11. Aim Without An Aim
12. An Extract (Strip It Clean)
13. Phonetics For The Stupefied
14. Suppressed Hunger
15. To Go Off And Things

디스크 : 2
1. Clouds of Cancer / Victims Of Ignorance
2. What Is Past Is Prologue
3. Like Piss To A Sting
4. Where The Barren Is Fertile
5. Crash The Pose
6. Earthwire
7. Will By Mouth
8. Everything In Mono
9. Omnipresent Knife In Your Back
10. Life Line
11. Youth Offender
12. No Impediment To Triumph (Bhopal)
13. Legacy Was Yesterday
14. Outconditioned
15. Atheist Runt
16. Weltschmerz (Extended Apocalyptic Version)



Napalm Death
Leaders Not Followers



Napalm Death
Fear, Emptiness, Despair



Napalm Death
Death By Manipulation



Napalm Death
From Enslavement To Obliteration



Napalm Death
Harmony Corruption




Caustic Wound / Death Posture / 19,900원




Brutal Truth / Kill Trend Suicide (US반) / 14,500원




Jardim De Flores / Defloraison EP (7인치 컬러 바이닐) / 8,000원




Napalm Death / The Code is Red...Long Live the(일본반) / 25,000원




Napalm Death / Coded Smears & More Uncommon (RED VINYL) / 41,500원










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