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Aborted Fetus / The Ancient Spirits of Decay



Dope Buyhard


Brutal Death Metal

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러시아가 자랑하는 부루털 데스메탈 엘리트 ABORTED FETUS의 2018년 최신작!
역시 여전한 잔인함으로 무장!

1 The Wind Of Agonizing Spirits 2:14
2 Eaten By Pigs In The Trough 3:53
3 Drenched Eyes In Boiling Oil 3:50
4 Nailed To The Cross 3:38
5 Beheaded On The Guillotine 2:43
6 Cradle Of Revulsion 6:11
7 Cold Lake Of The Sinner 3:43
8 Flame Of Death 0:54
9 Rack Of Torment 5:18
10 Roasted Alive In The Copper Bull`s Stomach 3:21
11 Genital Torture By The Alligator Tongs 5:46
12 Iron Petals Of The Blasphemer`s Pear 4:43
13 Follow Into The Darkness 1:58



Goresoaked Clinical Accidents REISSUE



Aborted Fetus
Goresoaked Clinical Accidents REISSUE




Bloodriven / OTNAMUS (Single) / 8,500원




Deicide / Overtures Of Blasphemy (EU Edition) / 18,900원




死んだ細胞の塊 (SHINA SAIBO NO KATAMARI) / 禍具魂 (Kagutaba)  / 3,500원




Abnormal Inhumane / Disgusting Cruelty Of Homicide / 11,000원




Birth Through Gore / Reign of Depravity (US Edition) / 9,900원










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