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Nightfall / The Black Leather Cult Years(5CD 박스세트)



Dope Buyhard

Season of Mist

Black Metal

Special Box Set




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Rotting Christ와 Septicflesh와 함께 그리스메탈을 이끌던 NIGHTFALL!
90년대 초 익스트림 메탈을 이끌던 이들의 앨범들을 모아 박스셋으로 리이슈!

Parade Into Centuries
1-1 Thoughts
1-2 Domestication Of Wildness
1-3 Vanity
1-4 The Passage
1-5 In God They Trust
1-6 For My Soul, When The Dark Falls Into...
1-7 Immaculate / Enslaved By Need
1-8 Birth
1-9 Crying Out The Fear Within
Macabre Sunsets
2-1 Odious
2-2 Precious / All My Love Is Lost
2-3 As Your God Is Failing Once Again
2-4 Macabre Sunsets / Love Song For A Dead Soul
2-5 Bitterness Leads Me To My Savior Death
2-6 Mother Of All Gods, Mother Of Mine
2-7 Poetry Of Death
2-8 Enormous / The Anthem Of Death
Athenian Echoes
3-1 Aye Azure
3-2 Armada
3-3 Ishtar (Celebrate Your Beauty)
3-4 The Vineyard
3-5 I`m A Daemond
3-6 Iris (And The Burning Aureole)
3-7 My Red, Red Moon (Emma O)
3-8 Monuments Of Its Own Magnificence
Eons Aura EP 1995
3-9 Eroding
3-10 Ardour Was I
3-11 Until The Day Gods Help Us All
3-12 Thor
Lesbian Show
Il Club Dei Giochi Perversi
4-1 Lesbian Show
4-2 Aenaon
4-3 Dead Woman, Adieu
4-4 The Secret Admirer
4-5 My Own Troy
4-6 The Fleshmaster
4-7 Death Star
4-8 Cold Bloody Killer
4-9 Lashed August Reign
Diva Futura
5-1 Master, Faster, Sweet Desaster
5-2 Sin
5-3 The Sheer Misfit
5-4 Diva



I Am Jesus



Diva Futura



Lesbian Show

이 상품을 구매하신 분들이 구매한 상품




SAOR / Guardians (리믹스/리마스터반) / 21,400원




Immortal / Blizzard Beasts (실버/레드 스플레터바이닐) / 37,000원




Immortal / Damned in Black (Black/Gold Spatter) / 37,000원




Saor / Aura (Remaster Reissue) / 21,500원




Ihsahn / Pharos (Turquoise White/Black 혼합반) / 36,500원










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