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In Flames / Colony : Deluxe Edition



Dope Buyhard

Nuclear Blast

Melodic Death Metal

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설명을 한다는게 불필요할정도로 유명한 <인 플레임즈>의 4집 음반이다.

No doubt about it, if you`re talking about Melodic Death Metal, you have to include In Flames. No other band plays it better than this 5 piece from Gothenborg, Sweden. The Deluxe edition features an enhanced section with a Video (Ordinary Story), lyrics, screensaver, winamp skins and more. (2004)



In Flames
Soundtrack To Your Escape (Limited DIGI CD+DVD)



In Flames
Soundtrack To Your Escape (수입한정디지팩+Bonus Track)



In Flames
Soundtrack To Your Escape (일반반)



In Flames
The Quiet Place(Single)



In Flames
The Tokyo Showdown(With Puzzle)




Avatar / Hunter Gatherer (Ltd Digi) / 20,000원




At the Gates / Slaughter of the Soul (고음질리마스터바이닐) / 36,500원




Zhakiah / Where the Light Will Thread / 21,000원




In Flames / Clayman (20주년 기념 픽쳐디스크) / 38,500원




In Flames / Sounds of A Playground (US반) / 9,900원








내가 마지막임     권영민[]

[2009-11-19 오후 7:02:47]


헐 이걸 사다니     nolbu1009[]

[2009-11-16 오후 12:06:50]


왜 리플이없냐     골램[golem23]

[2002-08-26 오전 8:50:16]




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