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In Flames / Clayman 확장판 Reloaded Edition



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Nuclear Blast

Melodic Death Metal

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In Flames의 명작 시리즈의 2009년 재발매 확장판 버젼. 수퍼쥬얼케이스에 담겨있어 더욱 더 빛을 발한다.
(보너스트랙 추가)

One of In Flames`s best CDs gets the RELOADED treatment. This time, it comes with bonus tracks and a screensaver! A stunning melodic death metal masterpiece. (2009)

Bulllet Ride/ Pinball Map/ Only For Th Weak/ / ...As The Future Repeats Today/ Square Nothing/ Clay Man/ Satellites And Astonauts/ Brush The Dust Away/ Swim/ Suburban Me/ Another Day In Quicksand/ Bonus Track: World Of Promises

Enhanced Material: Screensavers



In Flames
Soundtrack To Your Escape (Limited DIGI CD+DVD)



In Flames
Colony : Deluxe Edition



In Flames
Reroute To Remian (Long Sleeve Shirts)



In Flames



In Flames




Avatar / Hunter Gatherer (Ltd Digi) / 20,000원




At the Gates / Slaughter of the Soul (고음질리마스터바이닐) / 36,500원




Zhakiah / Where the Light Will Thread / 21,000원




In Flames / Clayman (20주년 기념 픽쳐디스크) / 38,500원




In Flames / Sounds of A Playground (US반) / 9,900원










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