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Dream Theater / Live at Luna Park (2 DVD)



Dope Buyhard

Eagle Vision

Melodic Progressive Metal





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Dream Theater의 부에노스아이레스 공연 실황 라이브! 2DVD에 수록중

1. Bridges in the Sky
2. 6:00
3. The Dark Eternal Night
4. This is the Life
5. The Root of All Evil
6. Lost Not Forgotten
7. Drum Solo
8. A Fortune in Lies
9. The Silent Man
10. Beneath the Surface
11. Outcry
12. Keyboard Solo
13. Surrounded
14. On the Backs of Angels
15. War Inside my Head
16. The Test that Stumped Them All
17. Guitar Solo
18. The Spirit Carries On
19. Breaking All Illusions
20. Metropolis Pt. 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper
21. These Walls
22. Build Me Up, Break Me Down
23. Caught in a Web
24. Wait for Sleep
25. Far From Heaven
26. Pull Me Under



Dream Theater
Systematic Chaos



Dream Theater
Master of Puppets



Dream Theater
A Dramatic Turn of Events



Dream Theater
A Dramatic Turn of Events DELUXE EDITION



Dream Theater
Black Clouds & Silver Linings (수입)




Dream Theater / Distance over time (주얼스탠다드에디션) / 20,500원




Dream Theater / Distance over time (대형아트북/2cd,블루레이,dvd) / 77,000원




Haken / L+1VE (CD/VINYL) / 31,500원




Symphony X / Twilight in Olympus 일본반 / 14,000원




Spock`s Beard / Snow (Limited Box Set)(3CD) / 32,000원










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