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ASIA - Official Live Bootlegs (10 CD Box Set) 요약정보 및 구매

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판매가격 42,500원
원산지 EU
레이블 BMG
미디어형태 CD
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  • ASIA - Official Live Bootlegs (10 CD Box Set)
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• The Official Live Bootlegs (10CD Boxset)
미국, 브라질, 일본 그리고 영국등의 수 많은 명 라이브들이 담긴 10CD 박스세트. 82년 데뷔 이후 투어 부터 재결성 시기인 2010년까지! 훌륭한 퍼포먼스를 완벽하게 음반으로 선사하는 공식반 

Live At Kleinhans Music Hall, Buffalo, NY, USA, 3 May 1982
Time Again5:33
One Step Closer4:25
Without You5:47
The Ancient / Clap (Steve Howe Solo)10:19
Midnight Sun7:41
Only Time Will Tell4:42
Cutting It Fine5:33
Geoffrey Downes Solo4:02
Wildest Dreams5:45
Here Comes The Feeling (Featuring Carl Palmer Solo)12:39
Sole Survivor6:25
Heat Of The Moment5:33
Live At Centrum, Worcester, MA, USA, 22 August 1983
Wildest Dreams5:34
Time Again5:39
The Heat Goes On4:59
Eye To Eye3:26
Only Time Will Tell5:14
Geoffrey Downes Solo5:56
Beginnings / Valley Of Rocks / Clap (Steve Howe Solo)16:01
Midnight Sun3:53
Don't Cry4:43
The Last To Know5:02
Open Your Eyes7:30
The Smile Has Left Your Eyes3:33
Here Comes The Feeling (Featuring Carl Palmer Solo)15:10
Sole Survivor7:54
Heat Of The Moment7:16
Live At Credicard Hall, São Paulo, Brazil, 23 March 2007
Time Again5:06
Wildest Dreams5:34
One Step Closer4:49
Without You5:24
Cutting It Fine / Bolero7:10
Fanfare For The Common Man8:57
The Smile Has Left Your Eyes3:35
Don't Cry (Acoustic)4:29
The Court Of The Crimson King4:43
Here Comes The Feeling6:00
Video Killed The Radio Star4:59
The Heat Goes On (Featuring Carl Palmer Solo)9:36
Only Time Will Tell5:09
Sole Survivor7:56
Ride Easy5:54
Heat Of The Moment8:25
Live At International Forum, Tokyo, Japan, 12 May 2008
Only Time Will Tell5:02
Wildest Dreams5:28
Never Again5:10
Time Again5:13
Voice Of America4:23
The Smile Has Left Your Eyes3:31
Ride Easy5:10
Open Your Eyes7:12
Fanfare For The Common Man9:16
Without You5:42
An Extraordinary Life5:48
The Court Of The Crimson King5:12
Video Killed The Radio Star4:55
The Heat Goes On (Featuring Carl Palmer Solo)11:26
Heat Of The Moment8:34
Don't Cry4:06
Sole Survivor5:56
Live At HMV Forum, London, UK, 14 December 2010
I Believe4:38
Only Time Will Tell4:56
Holy War6:25
Never Again4:57
Through My Veins5:16
Lute Concerto In D Major, 2nd Movement / In The Course Of The Day (Steve Howe Solo)7:43
Don't Cry4:13
The Smile Has Left Your Eyes5:59
Open Your Eyes7:28
Finger On The Trigger4:44
Time Again5:10
An Extraordinary Life5:10
End Of The World6:08
The Heat Goes On (Featuring Carl Palmer Solo)12:13
Sole Survivor8:07
Heat Of The Moment7:39

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